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Kornacki counts game shows among his various obsessions, and he’d hatched an ill-conceived plan to make money as a perennial contestant.

After many unsuccessful tryouts for , he came home empty-handed and started writing news copy for a regional TV network.

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“The earliest thing I ever wanted to do was just be, like, the next Brent Musburger,” Kornacki says, refer- ring to the legendary sportscaster.“Most people used to be exposed to only a select cross-section of gay people,” says Kornacki.“But the atmosphere has changed so much, and so quickly.” At 6-foot-2, with flawless skin and teeth that look like they were ripped from a Colgate commercial, Kornacki is nothing if not telegenic.After the Seattle Seahawks slaughtered the Denver Broncos 43 to 8, Kornacki’s gathering dwindled to a die-hard group of five. every Saturday and Sunday to shoot it, you deserve some downtime.A lifelong politics wonk, Kornacki inherited the early morning slot from Chris Hayes, another bright young thing on a roll, a little over a year ago.

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