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“We wanted an intimate, formal event,” says Mc Kellar, who walked down the aisle to wedding music composed by Verta and performed by members of the San Diego Symphony.A reception followed at a private club, where guests enjoyed a sitdown dinner and dancing to a 10-piece band. Kennedy Junior-High-Schoolers — Kevin Arnold, Winnie Cooper, and Paul Pfeiffer — waxed nostalgic before 200 fans during their “first public appearance together in front of a live audience,” promoting season one of The Wonder Years on DVD.Only hours had passed since Fred Savage, Danica Mc Kellar, and Josh Saviano appeared on Good Morning America together, so there weren’t many hugs or how’ve-you-beens exchanged backstage.If Fred said anything, 20 people would have heard it — he was miked most of the time.” And that’s the whole story. Asked about it five years later, Fred Savage’s only comment was “I was completely exonerated. It was a terrible experience.” Was Fred Savage inappropriate with another woman on the set of The Wonder Years? "I can’t imagine I was a very good kisser," says Fred Savage, who played the show’s young protagonist Kevin Arnold."But we were very nervous and excited."They may be older and wiser, but some of the "wonder" is still there, especially for the actors who played the preteens in puppy love."I did have a crush on Fred, in the beginning," admits Danica Mc Kellar, who played Savage’s love interest Winnie Cooper.

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You’d hear people say things like, “I loved The Wonder Years, but the matter with Fred Savage was ugly.” The way people misremembered it, you’d hear people say that Savage had sexually harassed Danica Mc Kellar, the actress who played Winnie Cooper. In fact, a sexual harassment lawsuit was brought against Savage and his co-stars, Jason Hervey (who played his older brother Wayne) and Dan Lauria, who played the Arnold patriarch, Jack. The suit was brought by a 32-year-old costume designer, who had been fired from the show because, according to one crew member, she often fell asleep on the job, was never around when she was needed, or was off in the bathroom “primping.” The accusations, however, did not rise anywhere near the level of rape.

In either case, nine months after it was filed — and despite the furor it had caused in the media — the lawsuit was dropped. I can find no reports specifically stating the reason why it was dropped (because naturally, the media is all over sexual harassment charges, but nowhere around when they’re dismissed) but it might have had something to do with what Alley Mills — who played the mother on Wonder Years — had said (via): “This lawsuit is beyond ridiculous,” she says.

“Fred is the purest young man I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.” And state welfare worker Caryl Pine, who under California labor law was with Savage constantly on the set during the same months as the alleged incidents, says of the suit: “It’s absurd.

The newlyweds danced their first dance to an original Sinatra-style love song written by Verta and performed by Mc Kellar’s uncle, Kim Mc Kellar.

The couple started dating in 2001 and got engaged last August in Chicago.

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