Christian dating couple goals counceling

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Working through a devotional book together will help you see deeper into your spouse's heart, as well as your own. We will admit that, even as a couple in ministry (my husband is a pastor), it's difficult to find concentrated time to pray But when we started spending just a few minutes praying together before work in the morning, we found that a short prayer also included a hand held, two hearts shared, and a connection with God together that made all the difference in our day.

If it's still a struggle in your marriage, pray about how the two of you can make time to pray together.

This involves setting boundaries for disagreements, so both partners feel safe to express their views.

While it isn’t necessary for married people to agree on everything, they need to learn to voice their opinions while respecting what the other person has to say.

He has been helping Christian singles transform their dating lives for more than 10 years, through seminars, keynote speeches, and individual & group coaching.

Blaine has developed a roadmap of the 9 key stages of dating that take you from preparing to date again all the way to a successful marriage engagement.

SEE ALSO: What I've Learned After 25 Years of Marriage Through the years, we've continued to set --and meet -- relational goals. It's amazing what any couple can accomplish when even be at peace with all men." (That's a great principle for marriage when both parties are waiting for the other to take the initiative.) I encourage you to ask your spouse those questions above and then come up with some goals of your own for 2012. Studies show couples who kiss each other daily (even a quick peck on the cheek) are happier, overall, than couples who don't. Ephesians says "Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them. Dating was important before you were married and believe us, it's even more important you're married. Read through a relationship-building book together. I know, it might sound like "work" to you or your spouse, but it can be fun, and a great investment of your time together.

But if that's too big of a step for now, or if you're frustrated at being the one who has to initiate a closer connection, here's a place to start -- five simple goals for a closer connection in the next year: 1. (NLT)" Think in terms of "I'm only going to say it, it my spouse is encouraged by it." You'll notice, within days, how your relationship improves. Maybe it will consist of you reading to your spouse before bed.

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