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You're right about them liking tanned/exotic guys, I've been complimented on my latin looks and style by all of them.

They especially love the fact I can dance salsa/bachata. But in the past we get mixed quite well with Austrians, Italians (south west and west part of the country, where even accent sounds very Latin and where they use many italian word in their dialect) and with Hungarians in north east.

OK Guys - Let's start this thread with this video:

Every single one I have spoken to (about 12) has been incredibly funny, pretty, smart and down to earth....hell, save me before I end up getting hitched!

Can anyone share some insight on these beauties, the country and swooping in general?

Mixx Donald Trump, a guy with a sharp eye for beauty, swooped and married the Slovenian hottie Melania Knauss.

Wishing you all the best on your trip to Slovenia....

Thanks - I can tell you out the gate that Slovenia is part of the European Union, so it requires the same VISA process as if you were going to London, France, Spain or Germany.

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