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This is all information that can be implied with the proper subtext. Women are MASTERS at subtext, they know that there is loads of information hidden in the way something is said.

Things like: What is the relationship between John and Mary?That’s why Cajun and other Love Systems instructors created the DVD set “Beyond Words” so you can visually see it. If you have any doubts about Cajun, check out Cajun picking up some hot girls. The guys from Love Systems finally did it: The Body Language and Physical Escalation DVD is finished.In the DVD you can see Cajun teach in more depth other non-verbal techniques to attract women using your body language. Here is an interview with Cajun, a great PUA and one of the guys behind the DVD: What is the Beyond Words DVD Home Study Course about?So if you don’t meet those girls in the daytime, you’re missing out on a lot of quality women. During the day you can go to many more places: coffee shops, libraries, college campuses, shopping streets, malls, and grocery stores.There more places where on one-off times you can meet women like theme parks, festivals, and that one time you run into a woman somewhere and you don’t what to do.

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