Wamu liquidating trust

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The Postal union is said to have lost its training complex in Mbarara and another building in Mbale. The title-deeds of their office blocks/houses in old Kampala’s “Delhi Gardens”, where Baingana sits cannot be traced.

Finally, the weathering away of the UNION activities, at least in the case of Mr.

That is where he and his family have been known to live for the last 40-50 or so years. So, any claims for recognition this man has [as an individual] should really be addressed to the KAUZIIKA, at Hoima, not to the TWEKOBE a Mmengo.

410 (1998), held that federal law does not provide an extension of more than three years, and that equitable tolling does not apply because the three year limit is a statute of repose, not a statute of limitations. Where this reduction in the levels of worker’s membership in the Communications union and therefore in NOTU [described above in (6), leave the union leaders of moribund/pseudo-labour organizations [call them paper unions) leaves the likes of Baingana.VERY interesting indeed but the following is obvious: That they have no members means that the PROPERTIES OF THESE [former] WORKERS’ BODIES are now possibly in the leaders’ own names.Buganda target: unless the above [in 8(b) above happens], the thought on the back of the minds of many that this new creation is another tool in the anti-Gganda crusade will not go away. So, fight against chauvinism should start with Capt. You heard the “master’s voice clearly the other day in Parliament, “.. Kimeze and Emmanuel Baingana [plus his boss, the quite Museveni Muntu, CONCLUSION: instead of the country’s efforts and resources being wasted on ‘revanchism and nostalgic machinations’, only based on hunger for revenge and revisionism, let everyone engage in what may propel the so called ‘nation’ forward for even he exploiter, needs a stable environment to secure his loot, unless this is already in Geneva.

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