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For the best results, respond right away to their note–while you are still fresh in your admirer’s mind. When the site started in 1997, Internet dating was a little-known and somewhat scary phenomenon; somewhere after the millennium, it became the to meet someone. And I’m not a loser: As a thirty-nine-year-old New Yorker, I’m pretty, athletic, down-to-earth, sporty and fun. ” is what people say about me, although I’m not sure if it’s a compliment or an insult. What’s more fun than meeting interesting new people who are interested in YOU? That’s why I am loath to sign on again to JDate, the international portal for Jewish dating that boasts about half a million users worldwide (has 20 million by comparison). Well, I am alone, technically speaking, but I’m not alone on this subject of Internet dating, and specifically JDate.And when it ended, never having really been labeled, I didn’t have to announce that, either.The fishbowl experience of Facebook and other online profiles seems in contradiction to this generation’s reputation for being noncommittal–to career paths, to jobs, to relationships.When I realized that Haley is the only person I’m comfortable telling the world I’m in love with, I had to admit to myself that the Band-Aid the ex and I had put on our relationship wasn’t going to hold.There’s no Facebook option for “exes in denial.” We broke up again that day. The virtual marriage came in handy again a few years later when I found myself in another relationship.

There was no way to reconcile that with my fiancé’s plan to raise three Russian-speaking children in Bensonhurst, ASAP. I told myself that ending it was the mature thing to do.We live our lives out online, on full display, but we also want the freedom to change our minds every few days, to have ambiguous relationships and embrace what’s been labeled “hook-up culture.” The simple, seemingly cutesy and trendy move of “marrying” your best friend on Facebook is a way around that contradiction–maintaining privacy without the suspicious omissions of the information-less profile.It seemed I was the only person on campus not getting laid hourly during my freshman year at NYU.We went out on-and-off for a year, and this is not to JDate’s credit, because we were ill-suited and incompatible, and even though it’s taboo, I’ll say this: It was because of our class differences, and by this I mean education, money, values and social circles, and if it were not for JDate we never would have met at all. But they have practical applications beyond letting the world know that you love and are loved.My last JDate boyfriend was great and sweet and smart, but in the end, he didn’t really want a long-term relationship—not that it stopped him from pretending he did on the website. When I was nineteen I got engaged to the guy I’d been with for three years (he bought me a ring and everything: Art Deco white gold with a pearl and two little diamonds).

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