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In an attempt to become brutally honest, Hogue sets out all of the reasons why a guy (who presumably is not fat) would ever date a woman of size.

Not only is it sexist to assume that it's my job to feed my grown human manfriend and also that I'm really bad at it, but leave him alone. Check some of the best reasons for Dating A Fat Girl and Dating A Chubby Girl.Reasons for Dating A Fat Girl – If you are fat-like me, or used to be like a few other lucky ex-members of our membership who probably bribed the weighing scale to flash lean, you realize the forever-scratch to reduce weight. In this article, we are sharing 10 reasons for Dating A Fat Girl.Consequently, you can go anywhere without anxiety about having your girl being taken from you. Because many of them have become opinionated, they won’t be shy about expressing their ideas on a particular topic making your conversation interesting and unpredictable. If you’re the type who enjoys treating humor in a romance, you can’t go wrong with showing a fat lady your listing of cracks and silly quips.Hope you liked this article on Reasons for Dating A Fat Girl, Dating Fat Girls and Dating A Chubby Girl.

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