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I am the son of a single mother As I started eavesdropping on conversations and creating fact-finding conversations on dating single mothers, I discovered the bulk of opinion mongers in society do not approve of single men dating single mothers . You see, I am a son to a single mother who gave birth to me when she was 20 years old.

She is beautiful, and I reckon many guys took a second look all through her twenties. So I wonder if for the past 23 years, men have been looking past her because of me, just as my friends have advised that I do with the woman I am in love with.

The biological father to this child is an immature spoilt brat, who has two other kids.

I am a lady aged 38 looking for a serious man aged 39 and above who is not married. It was “a horrible fantasy” to want a future with a single mother and I had to be “cleansed” of my “bad thoughts”.“Just be friends if you like her that much” she said. I am a man aged 45 looking for a beautiful smart HIV negative lady aged 40-50 based in Masvingo, Zvishavane or Harare. I am a lady aged 30 looking for a man to settle down with aged 33-50. I am looking for a serious good-looking lady aged between 18-30 years and financially stable. I am a man aged 37 looking for a woman to settle down with. I am a man aged 40 looking for a beautiful lady between 30-35. I am a 28-year-old guy looking for a slim tall beautiful lady aged 18-23. I am a guy aged 23 looking for a lady around Harare aged 18-20. I am a lady aged 30 looking for a serious relationship. He should be employed and having his own apartment. I am a lady aged 28 looking for a serious relationship. I am a lady aged 22 based in Burnside, Bulaway, looking for a man aged 26-35 with or without kids.

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