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How many people have taken ten hours to do a task that should have taken two, all because they were clicking back and forth between online forums, Facebook, Twitter, and funny cat pics when they should have been working?Sure, you “enjoyed” yourself, but wouldn’t you have rather finished the task in two hours and had eight hours all to yourself?I’ve seen young guys out at bars who, instead of checking out the women at the next table over or jabbering at each other with youthful exuberance, feel the need to tell everyone on their Facebook lists just how much fun they claim to be having. spend so much unnecessary time online, but we pretty much all know that.I’ve even caught myself lingering at the computer after work, doing nothing of import even as a gorgeous spring day ticks away into the ether of time right outside the window. Just like we know we should lose that weight, exercise more regularly, read that book, watch that Blu-ray that Netflix sent us two months ago.Obviously, you don’t use Self Control to stay offline. Don’t just flit around Facebook in the midst of your work whenever it strikes your fancy, because it’ll strike your fancy more often than not and you’ll end up wasting too much time. Or, if it’s a real busy day, step away from the keyboard and give real, ponderous thought to the day’s tasks.You use Self Control to get your work done faster so that you can log off quicker and get back to the real world. Establish Scheduled Breaks Few can work straight through for eight hours without a break, and I don’t think you should even try to attempt such a feat. I find that setting aside time slots for regular breaks works way better than winging it. You might have a revelation or breakthrough, thereby giving you a boost in efficiency.In the first example, you’re just saying stuff to make yourself feel better for not having seen your friend without actually having to see the person – you’re not planning anything.

That’s the key, and that’s what we should be focusing on: how to get ourselves to spend less time online and more time out in the real world. ” or “don’t check your email” isn’t really useful advice, so we won’t even go there.

It will break down how much active time you spend on various websites and applications.

We oftentimes don’t know how wasteful we’re being until we see it laid out in front of us in excruciating detail, so this can be very useful for identifying a problem.

Restaurants and bars and coffee shops across the world are littered with broken-neck zombies gazing into their smartphones.

I’ve seen entire families out to dinner, each member’s attention fixated on an i Phone as they spoon food into mouth, pausing only to breathe and guzzle cola.

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