Who is bruce jenner dating now

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Also, they both snapped photos from Caitlyn Jenner's hotel room balcony in Cabo.Caitlyn's photo, of the scenery, also included Sophia's legs.In fact, just a few days ago, Caitlyn Jenner fulfilled her fantasy of walking on the beach as her authentic self. Sophia used her school newspaper at Pepperdine University to reveal that she was transitioning.She'd told a therapist, decades ago when she was still deep in the closet, that it was her dream. Sophia had identified as a woman from a young age, coming out to her peers at 15.Well, speaking of living as her authentic self and of her trip to Cabo San Lucas (where the aforementioned beach was located), Caitlyn Jenner did not spend her tropical trip alone. In the captions of one Instagram photo, Sophia describes herself as "Blonde. But, as a college student, she cited Caitlyn Jenner as a source of inspiration, her story giving her the courage to transition.Now, as for why people believe that they are dating ...The two women were spotted at the airport, returning together.

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"Certainly that love and compassion, I have no idea what that would be in the future but I'm kind of open to anything."Caitlyn spoke to Lauer over a game of golf, one of her favorite pastimes."The question has been, 'Playing with boobs,'" Caitlyn joked."And can we say, for the record, you brought boobs up? "As far as the full swing, I really haven't noticed any difference, OK? In my head, when I shut my eyes, it was just, like, 'My God, what did you just do?

"Since - let’s not kid ourselves - everyone wants to know, Kris and I have good and frequent sex at the beginning ... previously insisted she will never have sex with a woman again. Not happening, at least for now, and perhaps not ever.

Referring to another potential romance with a woman she wrote: "A future female companion? "Of the most important things in my life, sex is beyond the bottom; it has been that way for a long time." Although she added sex with a man might be a consideration should she have her Final Surgery for gender reassignment.

It could be that the two are not dating but that Caitlyn doesn't mind if people assume that they are, as being seen as having a hot blonde 21-year-old girlfriend would be cool. Honestly, we've always felt that Caitlyn Jenner has some internalized issues that she needs to work through before she dates anyone. it's too soon to report that they're definitely dating.

If she and Sophia are dating, that's great news for Caitlyn's personal development.

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