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Although when you do come upon one, you'll enjoy a full bar with your half-naked women.

Thank you Atlantic City for bringing us the great advancement in high culture that is the BYOB full-nude strip club.

When you see where Washington State ends up on this list, it’s pretty much a no-brainer why an NBA franchise would relocate from Seattle to OKC.

This state’s got 55 clubs where topless women provide full-contact lap dances while patrons enjoy their favorite booze served from a full bar. But Kentucky has 56 clubs statewide where (at least outside of Louisville) private dances are perfectly fine.

A state known for its copious consumption of beer and cheese also maintains nearly 100 joints where residents can ogle naked people who hopefully do not... If this list was based on strip clubs per square mile (rather than per capita), the last frontier would be dead last.

With only eight clubs in a state 1/5 the size of the entire contiguous United States, you may need to take a bush plane to reach one.

Even the states that welcome naked dancing are often conflicted, with some towns enacting tough regs while others remain more lax.

If there was ever a Family Feud category that asked “Name a city you go to for strippers,” Steve Harvey would absolutely lose his shit when you said Las Vegas and it rang up as the #1 answer.

As you stare at Ohio's purple outline on CNN for the next 16 months of the presidential election, remember that inside the state sits 174 strip clubs (one for every 66,000 people), most of which boast full liquor bars.

Honestly, they’d have cracked the top 10 if only full contact lap dances were allowed.

Disclaimer: Remember, laws vary from city to city within these states, so while you may live in a place that allows full nude clubs, the ones you frequent may not be.

Please take that into consideration before calling us ugly names in the comments section.

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