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My business got started before it was ready and I realized that I should’ve put more support in place before I grew my business. Are there any ethical issues you’ve encountered through this job or field? I’ve encountered a lot of other artists who will try to replicate you.It’s hard to defend your work in a way that’s respectable to them.

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So why not make sure they’re properly educated and prepared for it?

What is one mistake you made along the way and what did you learn from it? I wish I could change my business name to just my own name.

It’s hard and long to write out “H Nichols Illustrations” every time and by shortening it to just my name it would make my brand stronger. And I definitely would've saved more of my art materials from college.

This event is a great opportunity for those who love jazz music, are interested in connecting with other caregivers, or simply want to learn more about caregiving.

Did you know that about one-in-four girls will become pregnant before they reach age 20?

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