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He reveals that the show's third star – the appallingly drab flat that the characters have shared for more than a decade – will be dismantled after the shoot.

Mark and Jeremy's mutually harmful relationship is at the core of the first episode of the new series, which also sees the return of Super Hans (a splendidly louche performance by Matt King), Dobby (a marvellously off-beat Isy Suttie), Johnson (the charismatic Paterson Joseph) and Sophie (the wonderful Olivia Colman, an old university friend of Mitchell and Webb's, who was pictured looking tearful on her final day of filming).

Mark's sole consolation is that Jeremy is, if anything, an even bigger loser.

“Gutted,” adds Webb, 43, who first met Mitchell in 1993 at a Cambridge Footlights rehearsal for Cinderella.

“It's the right moment to end it,” affirms Mitchell, who has developed a healthy parallel career as a newspaper columnist and regular on panel games such as Would I Lie to You? “Sam and Jesse have been saying it might be nice to come back to these characters in a decade or so's time.

But this has to be the end of it in this incarnation. Or are they, like the characters in Jean-Paul Sartre's play, Huis Clos, condemned to co-habit from here to eternity, with every dreadful day together reminding them that, “Hell is other people”?

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