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The Hering props were sent to Gene Thomas at Black Dog Propellers to be dialed in.

Owning a stunning 42’ boat that can run over 120 mph is something a young John Diakoulas could only dream about when he was running around the Chesapeake Bay in the family bowrider.

But they finally remedied the issue by installing Velvet Drive 72 L-HP transmissions that will work with the boat to put the power to the water and keep everything else healthy.

After three years of working out the gremlins, the Diakoulas family is hoping that 2017 will be a positive season.

The Dart Big Chief cylinder heads are loaded with Inconel exhaust and intake valves.

The high-octane aviation fuel is delivered to the engines through twin 1,150-cfm carburetors that sit atop PF Marine intercoolers and Blower Drive Services 16-71 superchargers that compress the air/fuel mixture prior to injection into the cylinders.

Diakoulas made the hour drive from Baltimore to Annapolis six different times to look at the boat.

He heard there was another interested party, so he pulled the trigger and bought his first high-performance boat.

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His masterpiece starts with 656-cubic inch Merlin super blocks with Bryant custom cranks, Carrillo connecting rods and JE pistons.CMI Big Tube headers blast the exhaust out the stern and when the engines fire up, be prepared for some serious thunder.“If you get behind the boat when we start it up, it’s hard to know if your heart is beating or not,” said Diakoulas. I love the feeling.” While they are rated at around 1,200 hp, the engines make crazy torque.“I floored it over this wake and hit the nitrous, I had everything going,” laughed Diakoulas. I heard sirens and looked up and there was a police helicopter above me.” The pilot of the helicopter told Diakoulas to cut the engine and then said, “The sky is mine. He then gave the thumbs-up, smiled and flew away.” “I was grinning from ear-to-ear and already looking for the next adrenaline rush,” exclaimed Diakoulas.“That was a pivotal movement in my high-speed boating adventures.” He had the Cigarette for six years and from there, moved up to a Formula 357 powered by twin Mer Cruiser 420s with TRS drives.

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