Updating solaris 10

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If anyone can tell me how to update Solaris 10 or point me to documentation, it will be appreciated. It's either Solaris 10 or an Open Solaris based distribution, like Solaris Express (Nevada), Open Solaris preview (Indiana), Belenix, Nexenta, Martu X or Mila X. Recently I have upgraded my graphics card from Nvidia Geforce 5700 Ultra to Asus Nvidia 7600GS.

You can run the OS update plan in simulate or deploy mode.

You don't say which FS you're using, but I'd reco you use ZFS as it plays better w/LU.

I am seeking help to add patches to Solaris 10 on 64 bit Sparc server.

For some reason the default X window manager (Gnome or Sun's version of Gnome) no longer allows me to login (after a delay I get back to the gdm prompt). On linux I can use Synaptic (debian) or Yast (Suse ) to update packages.

I am thinking that maybe a package update may cure the problem.

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