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She tries to swim to the moon, but it “shatter[s] into a thousand gleams.” She sings, “GRRR,” and blows spit bubbles as she looks up at it.

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The new Gregorian calendar moved the date to July 6, so the link with the solstice was lost.

While their relationship is as evanescent as, well, a spark, it is nevertheless transformative for both; the Creature can now see colors, and the tiny spark sings a farewell “GRR” as it travels back to the Sun, lofted up in a spit bubble.

Bondestam’s collage illustrations depict the Creature as a gray, pear-shaped figure with pointy teeth that somehow don’t seem scary at all.

Immured in her cave during the day to escape the harmful rays of the sun, the Creature thinks the world outside is as gray as her cave.

She “dreams of the moon and of having someone small to sing to and care for.” At night, she emerges.

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