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The difference was that TMI had a concrete containment vessel and Chernobyl had none. law specifically prohibited using computers to directly control nuclear power plants. Computers could be used to monitor the reactor and in fact it would probably have been close to impossible to monitor it without the help of computers.Building nuclear power plants without containment vessels was insane and Chernobyl proved that. Men would do that and nearly all of those men would be former nuclear reactor operators from the U. There were just too darned many valves and sensors for any team of humans to keep track of reliably, 24/7. A cascading series of events caused the computer to notice SEVEN HUNDRED things wrong in the first few minutes of the accident.Swap Your Kawasaki with A New Engine Repower your Scag, Exmark, Gravely, Toro, Lesco, or other commercial walk-behind mower with a BRAND NEW Briggs and Stratton 17.5 horsepower engine. Pro Green Plus can service all brands of ATV’s including John Deere Gators!Here is an example of one that we just finished servicing this week.Our President at the time, Jimmy Carter, was also a micro-manager and a former nuclear engineer: he wanted his own eyes and ears on the scene.Our little group eventually coalesced into the Presidental Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island, led by Dartmouth College president John Kemeny, who was also the co-author of BASIC.

Reactor control rooms everywhere were dramatically improved and line printers banished as interface devices.The lessons of Three Mile Island have been, for the most part, forgotten.The nuclear industry changed and improved somewhat, but the deep understanding of what went wrong was lost on the public in general and the real lessons that we could have learned as a society were, too.The financial mess we are experiencing right now isn’t all that different from Three Mile Island.If we’d taken better to heart the true lessons of TMI we might not be in our present jam. We all knew what that meant because, ironically, , had just swept through American movie theaters six weeks before.

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