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I hate bars and nightclubs, so we need another medium for meeting which is gay apps. Well, we don’t have a lot of places to go to meet other gay people.For me it’s a way of trying to get close to people who are in the same situations as you.Not many people are open-minded about homosexuality, so a lot of people here who are gay think that they have to hide.

I think initially when these gay apps were created they came from a good place.We can’t date guys because that would totally tarnish our family’s reputation here.So we have to focus on studying, getting a job, something that if we can achieve it we will be able to make people say “hey, you’re so useful even though you’re gay.” Growing up, I was very confident knowing who I was but I’ve seen so many of my friends trying to hide the fact they were gay by trying so hard doing so many incredible things.How do you think it is for young gay people growing up in Saigon? A lot of gay Vietnamese men are a lot more successful than straight men in Saigon.I think it comes from the fact that we were the underdogs when we were younger, and we could not date girls because that would make us vomit – *I laugh* I’m sorry but I’m being honest, I can’t hold back anymore.

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