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PEEFACE, THE present book is intended as a guide to the understanding of our popular scientific literature. Aaron's Beard, (a'ronz berd)=Hypericum caly- cinum. abies, from abeo, to rise, or apios, pear tree.] The fir tree : a genus of Abietese (Pinaceae).

; gela- tinous, marine, stinging zoophytes, having a central mouth, no senses but that of touch, feeding on small fish, &c.; varying in size from very small to several feet in diameter. The fact that it has been found possible to include about 14,000 entries is the best evidence of the range and conciseness of tho following pages. At the same time, accuracy with brevity has been specially aimed at. akantha, thorn; spongia, sponge.] A fossil sponge, found in Silurian strata. akantha, spine; teuthis, a fish.] A cuttle-fish with spiny tentacles, of which fossil bones, spines, &c., are found in.

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