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A., as when Cher makes note of his fashion being suitable for the "Crisp Seattle weather".

He is a college student with an apartment of his own near school, but often returns to the Horowitz home, particularly when he is not on good terms with his mother's current partner ("Husband number four is at home, and his idea of acting like a family is to criticize me.") He also relishes the ability to work alongside Mel, in order to pick up skills for his possible future career in environmental law.

By the end of the film Tai has patched up her differences with Cher and apparently begun to date Travis, who is her date to Mr. Some of the references go over the other students' heads: when Tai refers to cannabis as "herbal refreshment", Cher assumes that she is talking about tea (however, this is instantly followed by a similar misunderstanding in the other direction; when Cher refers to Coca-Cola as Coke, Tai appears to assume she is actually referring to cocaine.) Tai's role in the TV series is significantly smaller than in the movie, and she had been dropped altogether by the second season.

Brittany Murphy appeared in the TV episode 'Driving Me Crazy' as a character named Jasmine.

Mel is clearly close to Josh, stating to Cher in the first film, "You divorce wives, not children", suggesting he thinks of Josh as his own son.

Josh is an environmentalist and often raises the issue ("we might get Marky Mark to plant a celebrity tree") as part of wider gloating.

Although he teases Cher, he also has compassion for her, as shown when he defends her following her blunder with legal papers.

Cher often speaks in Valley Girl slang (including new idioms coined by the writers of Clueless).

Much of the film centres on Cher's "project" to make Tai attractive and popular, and, after this fails, her subsequent realisation that it is Tai's personal substance that is important rather than her looks or popularity.

Tai forms a rapid bond with slacker Travis after meeting him in the school cafeteria.

However, she is less willing to "use (her) popularity for a good cause" than Cher (when the option of making over Tai is floated, Dionne observes that "she is to' up (unattractive); our stock (popularity) would plummet." However, Cher is usually able to convince her to be involved in her schemes, such as the matchmaking of Mr. The sexual element of their relationship is not raised in the television series until the final episode.

(Brittany Murphy in the film, Heather Gottlieb in the series) Tai is a transfer student who arrives at Bronson Alcott High and instantly stands out due to her differences in appearance and attitude to the other students.

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