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With instruction from Rost, Aloy spent the next twelve years honing her survival skills in preparation for the Proving.

Two days before the ceremony, she helped Rost track down a Sawtooth that had been causing problems for the hunting parties and killed the machine single-handed.

One day, after being shunned while picking berries with other Nora children, Aloy ran away in a fit of rage and accidentally fell down a hole into a ruin of the Old Ones, a place normally forbidden for Nora to enter.

While exploring the cave in search of an exit, she discovered a small, arrow-shaped device that displayed information and recordings through holograms.

To Aloy's surprise, Olin wore a Focus device similar to her own, though he said very little about himself or the Focus when Aloy questioned him, being highly evasive and defensive.

Aloy resolved to win the Proving ceremony and learn the truth about her mother.

As outcasts, however, she and Rost received no gratitude when the boy's father arrived to retrieve him.

Later, Aloy was struck with a rock by Bast, another Nora child, who mocked her for being a motherless outcast.

As a result, GAIA ordered an ELEUTHIA Cradle facility to create a clone of Elisabet Sobeck who would have the gene print necessary to access the Alpha Registry and enter Zero Dawn facilities to rebuild GAIA's system core upon reaching maturity.

On August 26, 3020, ELEUTHIA-9 received the gestation order from GAIA Prime shortly before GAIA went offline.

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