Boy dating story submissive

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"You better face it girl, you are going to be in dresses for a while. You really are quite pretty and dressed like an early teen you will be a very pretty young girl. Now listen Mikey, "you look really cute this way, and I like the why you behave much better than you did when you wore pants." "If you behave like a nice little girl maybe you can be in clothing that suites your age." "I will talk to Martha if you promise to be a sweet girl, if not then, well I guess you know what will happen when your friends see you." "Here you can read this copy of Cosmo, we can get you some Teen Beat or Seventeen later, when we go shopping." "Shopping? "Now Mikey, let’s teach you how to do girl." "Stand up sweet heart, oh that is so precious, you are just the most darling little sissy ever." "Ok girl, walk for me, walk in front of the mirror." "Watch me, hold your hands down, keep your upper body straight, take shorter steps." "The main thing is to remember your are a young lady now, carry yourself as one." "You practice for a while and I will go and talk to Martha." I got downstairs to find my father at Martha’s feet. Mikey was the picture of embarrassment as we walked to the car.Dressed like you are, well you are a very pretty sissy." He sobbed and said "But I can’t dress like a girl. " "What will they say when they see the outfit you have on now? He had a very complete pedicure kit out and was in the process of doing a spa pedicure on her. He sat quietly and sobbed gently as I drove the car through town and eventually the mall. I held the door for him and handed him his little black patent purse.I could see that Mikey was going to lose this argument. My weekend didn’t go well I had a fight with my boyfriend and returned home Saturday afternoon. The hem was well above the knee and the stiff white petticoats stood almost straight out.When I walked in I was surprised to see my father and stepmother talking to a girl of about twelve. My father sat in a straight chair across from Martha and the girl. I reached out and felt the boys leg, "Oh Mikey, you shave your legs." "That’s so sweet". Martha had styled his boyish hair into a mostly feminine style a large pink ribbon was pinned to the upper side of his pretty head.In my room he broke down, "you’ve gotta help me sis." I said "your smart mouth got you into this fix my pretty one. I sat next to her and brought up the subject of Mike.

He hates her and thinks she is turning Dad into a sissy. He is used to getting his way and has always been able to manipulate the women around him.

I was eighteen and lived at home but as an adult I pretty much can come and go as I please.

My father had objected to my freedom but Martha told him "She is a young woman, and as a woman in this house she will do as she pleases!

Mikey’s little shoes made a darling little girlish click clack as he walked along.

I know that the feminine sound must have been horror to his ears.

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