Brooke davis dating one tree hill

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Once he was on the team, he was thrust into the spotlight because he was the person of interest to both his brother, Nathan, and then Peyton’s best friend Brooke Davis.Although Lucas is willing to be friendly to those in the “in crowd,” Nathan is not and most of the team members initially follow his lead because they’re afraid to do otherwise.Lucas struggles to fit in and gradually develops a positive relationship with his brother after he develops a relationship with his best friend, Haley James.

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The smaller door on the right side of the house is the one that led to Lucas' bedroom on the show, where you never knew who would be waiting outside the door. This is another iconic location from the series and is probably best known for Peyton's red bedroom and her bedroom window where Psycho Derek fell through.

I think this is a perfect explanation of who he is as a character because prior to the pilot, Lucas is this poor outcast, but as the series goes on, the viewers kind of forget that he struggled financially, especially after he receives some support from his estranged father, Dan Scott.

Lucas had been described as “caught between being charming and a nerd, a hermit and confident.” Chad Michael Murray, the actor who portrayed him, said of the character, “He’s very introverted.” He described Lucas as an observer, someone who likes to watch people and try to figure out who they really are, as opposed to who they think they are, which was an important part of his character when the show began.

We could always count on our main #Boss Girl Brooke Davis to be our best friend when we needed her through the TV screen.

She never failed to give incredible advice for all aspects of life on "One Tree Hill." From coping with our relationship woes to mending broken bridges that were worth repairing, Brooke knew what was up.

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