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Those who are not married typically are more stable because of this."" Do you not believe in marriage anymore?

" she asked shocked by his outbursts." Yes, I believe in marriage, for people who wanted that," he paused, he stood up before talking again.

"" Me to..." she said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He kissed her sweetly, then rested his head on her forehead, " How about you come over tonight, after you get things settle with Brooke, we could watch move, pop some popcorn, or something..."" I like that..just for the recorded I did miss you this week..."" I missed you to," he said, before placing his lips against hers again..

" He said, before walking over to the bathroom door.

Brooke bit her lip as she sat there thinking about everything, she watched as he closed the door, she decided to go listen in again."Hey." he whispered, as he kneel in front of her, she was sitting on the edge of the bathtub She looked up at him, giving him a small, but sad smile.

Also marriage connotes a lot of social, emotional, and gender obligations, which increase stress, and fighting.

Friendships typically last longer than marriages anyway.

The child would have more stability if their parent's were not married, even if they were typical lovers, instead of just friends.

The look Brooke gave her let her know that Brooke wasn't in a joking mood. She watches her best friend for a moment, then looks over at Lucas, who has yet to say a word about anything.." I'm confused? Lucas sat down on the bed, " There is nothing to be confused about Brooke, we are two friends who want a baby...together. " To help you out, Peyton you don't asks someone to help you make a baby." She said as it was like the most crazies thing she ever heard.

" Brooke said, clearly she misunderstood what she thinks she said, cause that doesn't even make sense. What the hell does that mean." That's what she said," Peyton said in a joking voice, hoping to kill the awkwardness that seemed to surrounded them. Lucas, and I are trying to get pregnant..." She told her flat out." Trying to get pregnant? Brooke eyed them both, for a second, " Are you two together? Ready to forgiven them for hiding their relationship, she has waited, well not just her the whole group his been waiting for this moment."No..just friends." Peyton said, as she looked down at the floor, her answer killing Brooke's hope. Part of her wanted to say it was and hope Brooke brought it, but the other part knew it wasn't wise to lie to her best friend anymore then she already had. It's not a joke Brooke., I want a baby, so I asked Lucas to help me out.."Brooke's smiled dropped, as she stared at her best friend.

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