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They chatted about the show, love, divorce, his ex-wife, raising kids and more.Saturday nights on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network are packed with family and fun, due to the popular docu-series, The show follows celebrated sports legend, Deion Sanders, as he raises 10 kids with the help of his devoted mom, Connie, and longtime girlfriend, Hollywood producer and host, Tracey Edmonds.custody trial of the athlete and his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders.Deion said he and Edmonds did not begin to date until after he filed for divorce from Pilar.Meanwhile, Tracey is busier than ever as she tries to juggle the upcoming move in Dallas with producing a new film and preparing for her first TV hosting gig in Los Angeles, which creates additional challenges for their already long-distance relationship.In the premiere episode, Deion shocks the family when he reveals the news that they will be moving to South Dallas to be closer to Prime Prep Academy. Deion: "This season is going unbelievable, I'm happy and elated because the fans and general public are really receiving this season well, we know that by ratings. This is really my kids, this is really my mother, my aunt, this is real life.51 years old (Born on February 18, 1967) California-born entertainment entrepreneur who held executive positions with Edmonds Entertainment Group and Our Stories Films and also served on the Producers Guild of America's Board of Directors.

Change becomes the new normal as his household struggles to leave the mansion they call home and acclimate to a downsized living situation.We have a long distance relationship, we have a blended family, we're happy we're not looking to tomorrow, we just going to focus on today and take care of that." Star: I'm glad to see you happy again after the chaos that is going on with your ex and Twitter. " Star: It's still an ongoing battle, so what's your side? At Mingle2, you can meet, chat, and date attractive, fun-loving singles in Edmond for FREE. Deion: "What I meant by that is, all marriages end up in 50% divorces.In the African-American community I would say that, that rate is probably 75%.

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