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But then I have a husband, two stepkids and a life; I have to go home and cook dinner.I run on the weekend." So how did they first cross paths?

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Also, if they aren’t planning to have Mary-Kate walk down the aisle to “Everywhere You Look,” they really shouldn’t even be allowed to get married.In fact, they keep such a low opsen that not even Mary-Kate's former Full House co-stars see her that often.In fact, they keep Mary-Kate's former Full House co-stars see her that often.The pair were something of an Internet sensation from the get-go, as one of the first pictures of the couple—in which Sarkozy was flanked by his young daughter on one side and a cigarette-smoking Mary-Kate (about the same height as the daughter) on the other—was widely picked up.The two have been pretty visible since they started dating in 2012, maintaining a regular presence in the front row at Knicks games.

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