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The initially high water content of the parental magma allowed amphibole to crystallize as an interstitial phase all over the crystallization evolution of the layered sequence.

This body exposed at Jaboncillo Valley is one among several examples of mafic and ultramafic layered sequences in the Sierras Valle Fértil and La Huerta, which formed as part of the lower crust of the Ordovician Famatinian magmatic arc in central-western Argentina.He has referred to Algebra (as Bijaganitam) in his treatise on mathematics named Aryabhattiya.Another mathematician of the 12th century, Bhaskaracharya also authored several treatises on the subject – one of them, named Siddantha Shiromani has a chapter on algebra.In ancient India, roots to mathematics can be traced to Vedic literature, which are around 4000 years old.Between 1000 BC and 1000 AD, a number of mathematical treatises were authored in India.

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