Updating nikon camera firmware

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Copy “AD700200.bin” (A firmware) or “BD700200.bin” (B firmware) from the “D70Update” folder to this removable disk.

Copy the firmware to the removable disk corresponding to the memory card.

Nikon View will now terminate.” Click OK to exit Nikon Transfer.

The software's version number will be displayed.: Table 1: Operations Supported in typical Combinations of Nikon Capture and Nikon View Note: Other combinations of software versions may produce different results.

Window's computer users, please take special note: after upgrading the camera's firmware, to effectively use all of the discussed features, users of Nikon View version 4.3.1 or earlier must upgrade to version 6.2, and users of Nikon Capture version 2.0.2 or earlier must upgrade to Nikon Capture version 3.5.

Nikon Capture 2.0.3 and Nikon Capture 3.0 use EXIF version 2.1 when saving RAW images in JPEG (EXIF Format) or TIFF Format.

When updating a Nikon DSLR firmware, do I need to install older missed updates before installing the latest version?

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