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Dylan eventually had to sleep with Alex to get her to trust him enough, so she would arrange a meeting with Fisk.

Dylan got his deal with Fisk, and the evidence he needed, but when Fisk was arrested, Alex realized Dylan was working for the Feds, and left Stan and some of Fisk's men to deal with Dylan, but they were all killed by Dylan.

Sharon later saw Angela kiss the bartender, Wes, at the Athelic club.

She questions Wes about Angela, and he said Sharon had no idea what Angela was capable of.

Agnes was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Melissa Hayden.

In January 2011, Bert was working at the Church Of The Sacred Heart where Daisy Carter left her baby. He told his girlfriend, Agnes, not to get attached to the baby because a lady was on her way over for it. Alex was attracted to Dylan and made several attempts to seduce him.

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Sandy Anderson was ready to give Christian to Sharon Newman.Adriana then finds a job as an assistant for Katherine Chancellor.But the job doesn't last long and Adriana is dropped off canvas.Bert thanked Agnes for cleaning up and looking after the baby but he reminded her that money was what they were after. She gave me my name Primrose De Ville" said the baby trafficker. Alex found a bug in Dylan's room, but he covered and said his boss liked to keep an eye on him.Bert convinced Agnes to pretty the baby up in a thrift store dress so she would impress whomever's coming over. Agnes was assured that the baby would go to good people then Primrose handed an envelope over for Bert to count with ,000 cash. The woman assured Agnes that the baby would soon be someone's treasured princess. Alex Dettmer is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. Alex called in Fisk's bodyguard, Stan, to interrogate Dylan.

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