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Is it really a scam, or just a bunch of trolls picking on the Brony community? However when you consider that the Dark Skyes developers are promising over 100 hours of gameplay, for a dating sim, it seems a little suspicious.Conclusion: This could just as easily be someone over promising as much as it could be a scam.Again, it’s either a scammer that didn’t take the time to focus on quality, or a developer that didn’t take the time to focus on quality. [divider] [wp_ad_camp_1] The top pledge tier for the Dark Skyes campaign is 0. Of course it will have to fit within our pony world…Here’s the description: “DARK SKYES SAVIOR —- Our ultimate reward level comes with everything we got, all rolled into one convenient package for you. we’re not gonna make a pony named John Burton who works at the local pony radiology center doing x-rays, but we will custom-design a pony based on you or your OC.Interestingly the update remarks indicate that they “whipped up” the demo “in a couple hours.” If you head to the update you can see the footage for yourself.An interesting response was posted by a backer asking some very relevant questions.Conclusion: The fact that the video is presented by someone in a costume is strange, especially since Dark Skyes isn’t purported to be an artistic breakthrough, it’s a dating sim.Maybe MLP fans enjoy people in off-putting cyclops masks, but I doubt it. YOU WILL ALSO BE WRITTEN INTO THE GAME AS A CHARACTER, WITH CUSTOM ARTWORK BASED ON YOUR REAL APPEARANCE AND INTERESTS!

In the video Michael states that they spent the past week putting “a product together from scratch” so they could have something to show.MLP fans may want to worry that the campaign is being run by someone that doesn’t sound proficient with appropriate MLP phrasing. On one hand they have some level production value by using some basic green screen techniques, and a bizarre costume, but then on the other the audio introduction for most of the ponies sound like they were recorded in someone’s bathroom.The developers did post an update stating that they recognize the audio quality was bad, and that they plan on recording everything professionally.It’s written either by someone making a joke, or someone that has absolutely no idea what they’re doing.Either way, it should be of a concern that the person writing those tiers isn’t taking their Kickstarter campaign seriously.

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