Updating database using dataadapter

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When an application calls the might execute a DELETE statement, followed by an INSERT statement, and then another DELETE statement, due to the ordering of the rows in the Data Table.

It should be noted that these statements are not performed as a batch process; each row is updated individually.

To change an existing row's data, you can directly assign a row's value.

To save data to the data source, you need to call the Data Adapter's Update method.

Pulling all of the table to the client also locks all of the rows on the server. However, this representation may cause a problem when the data type in the data source is a SQL Server decimal or numeric data type. NET Framework is created for the chaptered column, and that table is filled with the columns and rows from the chapter.

To improve performance, you can use the with data from the data source for rows where the primary key column values match those of the row returned from the data source. Columns["Customer ID"]); foreach (Data Row p Row in customer Orders. The table created for the chaptered column is named by using both the parent table name and the chaptered column name in the form " that matches the name of the chaptered column, the current table is filled with the chapter data.

The Find method returns the row with Customer Id = Tst ID.

' Assumes that order Connection is a valid Ole Db Connection object. To test this source code create a Windows application, drop a Data Grid, and three buttons- Insert Command, Update Command, and Delete Command – to the form.Listing 5-48 show the code on the Insert Command button-click event.If no primary key is found, the data is appended to the tables in the ' Assumes that connection is a valid Sql Connection object. To String()) Next Next // Assumes that customer Connection is a valid Sql Connection object. If there is no column in an existing table that matches a column found in the chapter, a new column is added.Dim query String As String = _ "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM dbo. // Assumes that order Connection is a valid Ole Db Connection object. Before the tables in the are filled with the data in the chaptered columns, a relation is created between the parent and child tables of the hierarchical rowset by adding an integer column to both the parent and child table, setting the parent column to auto-increment, and creating a , only that table will be filled.

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