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But when his mood and his schedule allow, he'll head up the coast on Highway One or into the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest where the riding is good, or take Sunset down to the Pacific Ocean. "There have been different versions now for seven years. "Luckily that fits the story." Here, as Reeves tells it, is the story. Or just head up to the Santa Monica Mountains and kick around for a while."It's the physical sensation of riding, the wind, the smell, the sights, the connection to the machine, the living-in-nature," he says. It's also good to go out and think a little bit, so you can get lost in the now. You're moving on the surface of the planet."As a hobby it is not without its risks. But, no: I haven't had that kind of experience."The other issue with and the Californian airhead Ted 'Theodore' Logan III whom Reeves played, was that for years people assumed they must be one and the same person. "It takes a smart person to play a dumb person effectively. "The premise is basically that Bill and Ted were told they were going to write a song that would save the world, and they haven't. So now their marriages are falling apart, they're unemployed and they've gone crazy with all the instruments. It's a jungle out there." In fact, Reeves turned his back on a rumoured .5m for a completely different gig. "I'd grown up on Shakespeare, so to have the chance to play Hamlet… In the end I thought it went a little bit too awkwardly from a low key and slow build up into several twists and turns that suddenly had your head spinning. Overall, though, that didn't change my appreciation of the movie.It's pretty well done - and a good, well constructed "whodunit" is always satisfying.Even his character's name appeared to come straight out of a graphic novel ("Don't Set Him Off" advised the posters). The two had oddly similar backgrounds and they had become firm friends. He bought each of his Matrix stunt team a Harley-Davidson. "Oh-kay," he says, perhaps wary of where this might be heading.

For example, when I throw out a feeble question about what appealed to him about John Wick, he has this to say: "I really liked the character. "I think I was only six or seven months old when my parents left."For the next few years, the family moved around: America, Australia. By the time he was seven, the children were living in Toronto with their mother. Yeah."Reeves recently published what he calls a 'grown up children's book'.. Here's "Ode To Happiness" in full: What was your intent in writing "Ode To Happiness"? But I think it has to be in your temperament as well.

If you're doing 'gun-fu' it's, like: 'OK, I've got a pistol but now I'm also doing judo moves or going into jujitsu moves'.

So it's integrating one skill into something else at a high level of dexterity. "Anyway, for the first time in a decade, Keanu Reeves had a hit on his hands. At 52, he is back in the position of being able to open a blockbuster."Recently I'm maybe a little closer to being able to break into that world again," is how he puts it. He means Prince Siddhārtha Gautama, or Buddha, from 1993's Little Buddha. His parents met in Beirut, which, before the country was destroyed by civil war in the Seventies, was a major commercial, financial and cultural centre. 'Let's go to the 'memory screen'…'"He was going to night school doing Uta Hagen's famous Respect for Acting class, at the same time taking improv classes at Second City, the sketch and comedy troupe in Toronto. '""But I loved to go to the movies as a kid and I loved watching movies. Even the act of going outside to the movies for me, and watching them in a room.

"It's my preferred mode of transportation," he explains. I don't pretend to know anything about him and I worked with him for a long time. I don't know what he's doing when we're not together. He told one interviewer he'd finished Proust's ." Our old friend the amateur psychologist might say you were overcompensating.

Often it is merely the easiest means of getting from one appointment to another. It's an innocence, actually."A script for the third Bill & Ted film has been around since 2009.

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