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Unalaska is also home to the best Class 2A prep boys basketball team in the state, the Unalaska City High School Raiders: the basketball team at the end of the world. ’” confused mainlanders ask team captain Carter Price when he ventures inland. “I live on a rock out in the middle of the Bering Sea.”To the typical American—and even to many Alaskans—Unalaska seems impossibly remote.It is reachable only by air or as the last stop on the Alaska Marine Ferry, a four-day voyage out of Homer. “I first came up here in 1995,” says deputy police chief Jennifer Shockley, a native Texan. ’”Last year, the Raiders won their first state championship in 18 years.A few weekends ago, the Raiders flew 1,300 miles north to Kotzebue—the first leg of any trip always involves a layover in Anchorage— north of the Bering Strait on the Chukchi Sea.To ease costs, they played three games in three nights and slept, all nine of them, in a borrowed classroom.“We are the only school within 400 miles,” says principal Wilson.

In a place without pretension (or high-speed internet), Russell is an ideal fit. “I kid Kent that he’s taking basketball back 50 years.” The Raiders rarely eclipse 50 points in a game, but they are immensely popular, even more popular than the witty, weekly police blotter Shockley writes.Officers determined there had been no crime committed. In a community with no movie theater, no bowling alley, no streaming video services and limited dating options (“There’s an attractive single person behind every tree,” the local joke goes), gainful winter distractions are few.“We carry all the Raider games,” says Lauren Adams, station manager of 660-watt KUCB, the local public radio affiliate.“We’ll pay part of the visiting team’s costs,” says Svarny-Livingston, who is half Unangan, “because we just want to cheer on our kids in person so badly.”Svarny-Livingston is acutely aware of the irony of Unalaskans inviting outsiders for an exercise in friendly strife. Six weeks later all of Unalaska’s 350 or so Unangans were given 24 hours’ notice, then forcibly repatriated 1,500 miles east, where they would remain in exile for three years. “There’s still resentment.”While mainland Alaska braces for sub-zero temperatures, Unalaska, whose climate is relatively temperate, braces for winds.In June 1942, a squadron of Japanese planes attacked Unalaska—the last military engagement on U. On a treeless island located at the crossroads of two major bodies of water (the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea), the torrents are ferocious.

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