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If it happens to him regularly, he should have warned you in advance—at least that's what it says in my imaginary edition of Emily Post's Etiquette. (Also a Scorpio, if that matters.) I've always been a pretty horny person, and I had a lot of fun from the 1960s through the 1980s with a number of lovers.

I'm a professional dominatrix, and I thought I'd seen everything in the last five years. It's the only way to communicate just how much blood there was. "What she observed is a person with hematospermia, meaning blood in the semen." While the sight is alarming—I'll never be able to scrape that photo off the back of my eyeballs, thanks—Dr.

That seems like such a waste, a feeling that might be either financially motivated or emotional. My brother & sister –in laws recently moved to a new house that they totally renovated, and which I hope to show you one day!! Green cabinets are trending too, mixed with brass and marble or white Quartzite, which is very popular now instead of marble. Deep Russian blue mixed with contemporary large hardware in matte brass. This owner is also a dealer of these signs which is why she has a lot on display.

The oil market crashed in Houston, the years have been lean lately – but if not, would I be tossing it all out and starting over again to look trendier? When you decide to stop buying – unconsciously or not – you look at what others are doing and your house begins to feel a bit stagnant. Or cover up all your sheetrock with plaster if you can afford it – or shiplap. Wood ceilings and wood beams add a warmth to what can traditionally be a cold space. My thoughts are – they probably are great for bathrooms and kitchens, but then, what? For most in America though – this seems to be THE shades they are living with. Every New Farmhouse has a written sign or two or three.

I went back to the bathroom with gloves on and removed the used condom from the trash and took a photo.

Two good reasons for draining those balls, guys—and other people with balls because, as the Book of Tumblr teaches us, not all guys have balls and not all balls have guys.

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