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It’s basically like these koalas have a very long rap list and basically on their rap list, they’ve done none of these things. NB: No, but we're gonna have..of the nemeses on, the nemesi, on Very Bad Koalas is gonna be um... They're gonna come up upon a couple of beavers that are some chicks. I mean, and then what we're gonna do after, I don't know.

" Buffyfest: He’s always my favorite character in any of those old like '60s… Next Wednesday, it’s kinda like “More to be revealed”. Buffyfest: Do you think there's any chance for a crossover between the koalas and the kittens? Cause we're already outlined out for the first season.

“I commend those living with depression, alcoholism, the kicker that is dual diagnosis and are brave enough to speak out and ask for help,” Brendon wrote.

Who ever knew the day would come that we would interview live and in person, core Scoob himself, Nicholas Brendon (not to mention the fabulous Anthony Stewart Head). Nicholas Brendon: I have been meeting fans and pimping myself.

It was kind of like, even when he felt he had a high moment, he'd drop even lower. Buffyfest: Here’s a ridiculous hypothetical question. If it’s Cordy at the end of the aisle, do you think Xander would have still walked away? I think he would have walked away from any relationship.

Buffyfest: Tom Lenk told us a story where he dated a Buffy fan and he was like, "How can you compete with a picture of a younger version of yourself that's on the wall?

You don't know who exactly they like, you know what I mean?

I don't know what's going on, I just know that I'm still on the show so when they call, I answer. Buffyfest: My girlfriend loves Criminal Minds and she wants you to be on all the time.

What do you think is Xander's motivation for staying with Buffy when he could easily walk away? You know, the other ones, both Cordy and Anya were very dysfunctional which, um, kinda really mirrors my life, tragically.

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