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Living in Moncton demands last minute check ups of the weather as snow can cause a half an hour of shovelling exercises, or turn into ‘slush’ that might be frozen solid by the next morning.

Christmas brought us a novelty yet again; ice rain!

That’s when they created a feudal fief in an area lying roughly between France and the Netherlands and called it Flanders.

The assembled party guests and associated kids quickly join in, heads bopping in time with the catchy tune as Santa’s sleigh skims across the screen, towed by a sturdy team of snow-white kangaroos.

My host looks over at me across the living room of carolers, her hands swept wide across the idyllic scene in a “this is what it’s all about” fashion.

‘Pot lucks’ with ‘New Brunsies’ always turn out to be epic for the taste pallet, evening walks in the Christmas lit zoo give this time of year that romantic touch and making plans for outdoor winter adventures gives me a sense of wild expectation. Schools step in to the festivities as well and Elin’s loving it.

She experienced a teen movie-like winter formal with her boyfriend and gave me a reality shock in the process, she’s turning into a young lady.

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