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This import statistics sends a crucial message to the agricultural industry in Nigeria, that there’s still so much more to go around for new and existing rice farmers in the country.

The FAO’s report shows that rice generates more income for Nigerian farmers than any other cash crop in the country, with small scale farmers accounting for the largest volume by selling 80% of their crops and consuming 20% of what’s left.

The latest Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) today show that tourism expenditure grew in all regions over the year ending January 2018.

Data from statista shows that Nigeria imports about 1.9 million tonnes of rice yearly, making it the third largest importer of rice worldwide.

The liquor that’s processed from rice is widely called Rice Wine, and it can be made at home or in a processing facility from the fermentation of rice starch that has been converted to sugar.

It is widely consumed in Asia, and has an average alcohol content of 18% to 25%. It can be purchased in flour form or ground using a blender, grain mills or some traditional pounding techniques.

These statistics show the amazing potential rice farming in Nigeria or Africa possesses, and so, makes it one of the most lucrative agribusinesses for new and existing agropreneurs to venture into.

See Also: How To Start A Lucrative Maize Farming Business In Nigeria Or Africa (The Complete Guide) Rice farming is the cultivation of the rice plant for human consumption.

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