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I am also very grateful to Jeremy J, Pieter, Steve, Philippe R, Norbert, Paul Vesty, Stuart Davey, Nigel Clark, Rupert Lowes, Simon Du Plessis, Gerald Swan, Peter Collins, Martin Fokkens, Jay Bonvouloir and Pete W Lo Bianco for the use of their photographs. The first B19 on Chevron's records is shown going to Chevron's Italian agent Eris Tondelli.Tondelli bought six cars during the course of 1971 and it has not yet been possible to determine which car went to which owner. Chassis 71-1 has been owned by Gualtiero Giribaldi (Monaco) since 1975. Two cars now claim to be chassis "71/1" and both can be traced back to an Italian owner.You may find your car is getting a little older yet it's in wonderful condition and so deserves a more attractive car registration to bring it back to life.

Not sure what you can have on your own private number plate?

My thanks in particular to Simon Hadfield, Marcus Pye, Brian Redman, Ed Swart, Kevan Mc Lurg, Jeremy Hall, Pieter Melissen, Jeremy Jackson, Norbert Vogel, Philippe Rafesthain, Ian Hebblethwaite, Philippe Demeyer, Steve Wilkinson, Kelvin Jones, Urs Hauenstein, Tim Colman and Roger Andreason for their help and encouragement.

There is a full list of all the people who have helped at the foot of this page.

In the end, the money will be gone along with the person you thought you knew.

The cheap Number Plates available in our database are very popular for drivers of quality or prestigious motor cars who just want to hide the age of the car with a cheap private registration number.

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