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Even if you rebelled against technology, ditched your mobile phone, and avoided using heavily-tracked web services like Facebook and Google, you’d still be on surveillance cameras that capture your face, license plate scanners, and credit databases, among other things. Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Verizon…companies like these mine your data for commercial reasons, but they end up having to give it up to law enforcement when asked.

Staying more private means keeping your data out of the hands of the private companies that feed the government.

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That’s the big question in the wake of the NSA surveillance news that’s shaken the nation. There’s no way to block NSA surveillance completely. It’s important to remember that almost all surveillance starts with private companies.

There's so many stories of him doing the impossible. I mean, it's could be worse, there might not be any millions... Seb is too busy flying around the world honing his "strategy" skill (AKA hippie world backpacker). I'm just pointing out where problems already exist.You already have tools and services that give you a say in the matter, and the best is yet to come.edward snowden government surveillance nsa surveillance nsa whistleblower online privacy prism privacy apps privacy tools public stop nsa surveillance stop nsa tracking surveillance Last modified: March 31, 2014 A dream What if America became telepathic Smaller than our cell phone this technology does exist.2017. You also talk about the middle class as if they are scum. Of course, Michael Jordan made million that year, and I made 0.1% of a million, so fuck that. He preaches about doing what you say you're going to do, but he of all people, doesn't do a god damn thing! He's a self professed "high level guy." His skill is "strategy." Yeah, okay, I'm a moron, please tell me what you think the strategy should be, and we'll split the millions. I appreciate the vigor and single-mindedness of your youth, though. Hope you don't damage too many things while you're learning. I have no desire to ever work for people who equate themselves in anyway with conquerors. I also believe you have the wrong ideas about life and what's important. I strive for happiness which comes in the form of peace, friends, family and nature. "That's the kind of commitment I want from you all," he told us.

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