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A college friend of Gaia's told the Mail: 'There is a private Instagram [account] she has just with her friends and she said that she was nervous about Connor getting let out of prison.'She mentioned bits and pieces just after it happened but it was only made properly public much later on social media.

I think her last post about it was around Halloween time.'She did let people know about the assault on Facebook and when she did it we told her it wasn't safe and she should take it down. I think she thought he might be released a bit early.' Hayes's mother, from Bournemouth, confirmed that Gaia had made an accusation about her son to the police – but said the complaint was not upheld.

'She's not with us now in body but she will remain in our hearts and with us forever, so while the loss of her in one way is immeasurable, we will treasure you Gaia, and honour you always. Mr Sutherland also revealed that he had asked police to pass on a message to the family, adding that 'our thoughts are with you'.'I would like to say that publicly that I want you to know that we never pointed the finger at anybody,' he told ITV News.

'We never wanted to see somebody else suffer as a result of this.'Our thoughts are with you and we know this was probably extraordinary difficult and I hope that goes some way to helping you as well.'Gaia's cousin Marienna Pope-Weidemann added: 'The search for the truth about what happened to her and why has only just begun.

He added: 'Right at the beginning, when Gaia left Rosemary's, she knew that Gaia was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and she has had one before - two years ago.'It was surprising to all of us that this wasn't mentioned.The isolated location was about half-a-mile from where her clothes had been found by a member of the public the previous Thursday and was one of her favourite places to go.Gaia went missing on Tuesday, November 7 and was last seen in a distressed state at the home of her childhood friend Nathan Elsey.He said the location where Gaia's body was found by police was one of her favourite places and should have been searched earlier.He said: 'I would like a letter of apology from Dorset Police, but I don't think I will get one.

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