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Its cousin the ABU 4000 had red sideplates and was identical in every respect, except its market was USA.

The main drawback was the coloured plastic sideplates whilst being salt water resistant, was that they faded badly due to UV light exposure.

The famous test for selecting the color happened in 1952 when the Record Ambassadeur 5000 was being finalized for production and prior to the launch of the Mod SG.

They are all made in 1951 between May and October (5 reels made in May, one each color – 60 reels made in November/October, 20 in red, green and black).

page (sadly some are now defunct) about Len Borgstom, Simon Shimomura and Daniel Skupien and more are absolutely essential to the study and appreciation of these fine reels. More specific 1969 advertizing illustrates the ground-breaking features of smooth chrome anti-corrosive manufacturing, fine tolerances between surfaces, centrifugal braking systems, multi-disk star drag, precision matched gears lapped to perfect smoothness, evolution from bushes to ball bearings etc Export model Ambassadeur 5000 sold in USA USA Garcia catalog depictions of the expanding Ambassadeur range.

Record Ambassadeur 5000/6000 Spare Parts Lid and Partially populated box.My world of fishing has improved and changed considerably because of ABU and it's Ambassadeurs.hilst not technically badged as an original Ambassadeur, I will always see the Morrum family of reels as merely an extension of the old bloodlines. So important as an evolution of the Ambassadeur for me, I have granted it pride of place on the top right of every page of this site, along with the Admiral soon to appear floating bottom left and the 70's Ambassadeur of Sweden fixed top left.Simon told me that shortly after buying out Record, Abu made (not produced) some 5000 reels with red, champagne, green and black side plates and distributed them to select houses in an effort to determine which color would be the most marketable.As we now know, they chose the color red for the side plates and the rest is history. After personally inspecting the reel, Simon could not absolutely say for sure the green anodizing was original but did say it was definitely professionally done. I will think so until proven differently, what say you??

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