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The panel can be recalled the following month for a second jury selection, If that happens, the process described above will be repeated for trials scheduled that month.Selection for Civil Trials Jury selection for civil trials is much the same as for criminal trials.As soon as jury duty ends, an employee must be returned to his or her former position or comparable position.Under the Employment Insurance Act, a person entitled to employment insurance benefits remains entitled to those benefits while engaged in jury service.Civil trials resolve disputes between the plaintiff (the party that initiated the action) and the defendant (the party that the action is against).Both parties are represented at the jury selection. In the other eight Canadian common law provinces, some provinces have 7 person juries and some 6.If your name is called, answer "here" and move to the front of the court as directed by the sheriff.The clerk will continue drawing names until about 15 or 20 panelists have been called.

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The Jury Act allows some exemptions from jury service based on extraordinary circumstances.If the accused pleads not guilty, the trial begins with the selection of a jury. A special letter is usually mailed with Summonses when the jury selection is for a longer trial.You will be told when the trial will be held and how long it is expected to last. The clerk of the court begins the selection process by drawing names of panelists from a box at random.The employee is also entitled to all increases in wages and benefits which he or she would have received if not on jury duty.Further, the employer may not terminate an employee on jury duty, or change a condition of employment, without the employee'swritten consent.

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