Martha stewart and dating

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Bill Nye is "SO all about that bass." Meghan Trainor and the Science Guy appeared in photos with each other on Instagram. Justin Timberlake, right, and Aaron Paul are two very busy guys, but sometimes pizza with friends is a bigger priority.

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Martha Stewart Living’s Facebook page posted two glamour shots of the media mogul Tuesday evening and asked fans to vote for their favorite one in the comments section, Entertainment Weekly reports.

So while she decided to use her real name anyway, she hopes Mr.

Right will value her “adventurous spirit” more than her fame and money.

On the TODAY Show, Stewart said she decided to give a chance after seeing several of her employees land successful dates on the Internet.

In fact, her nephew, Dan Slater, author of the book “Love in the Time of Algorithms,” also appeared on the TODAY segment, in addition to’s chief executive Sam Yagan.

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