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Nash, who led Canada's Olympic basketball team to the second-best record at the Sydney Games in September, told Sports Illustrated that he and the former Spice girl are friends and plan to see each other again. 25 and was later seen at a restaurant with Nash, a Victoria native.Halliwell, formerly Ginger Spice, has become a regular at Mavericks games according to SI, even wearing Nash's No. Nash divorced his ex-wife in November 2010 and says he wanted to go to the Lakers so he could be close to his young children who live with his ex in Arizona.Canadian point guard Steve Nash of the Dallas Mavericks has reportedly spiced up his life, dating British pop singer Geri Halliwell.Turns out the less salacious rumor may turn out to be the one closer to fact.Terez Owens amongst other sites is reporting that Steve Nash is dating Brittany Richardson, and that the two have been running around since July, 2010, which basically covers the last two trimesters of Nash’s wife’s pregnancy.

The two attended an NBA Finals game together last year and received plenty of attention when ABC showed them on TV.But, after working with many men for over a decade, it is abundantly clear that no lasting change can occur unless his lifestyle is consciously designed to both reflect and reveal his inner values and to challenge him to grow and evolve on a daily basis.By making lifestyle the focus of our work, a powerful foundation is built which supports other more tactical techniques such as approaching women, flirting, connecting and escalating physically, dating strategies and progressing into long-term relationships.I define greatness as a life lived with purpose, power and enduring passion. It is within a man’s lifestyle that his life’s purpose finds expression, where he challenges himself to grow and evolve and where he learns to socialize with integrity.I cover social skills, personal style and dating advice at length in my products, podcast and blog.

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