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It's possible that the other 4 endings are a lot better, so take that into account.

I may go back and try to get some of those other endings.

That might sound scary, but honestly, the game mixes it up enough with the dialogue, and the battling, and the events that pop up like summer vacation trips and winter vacation trips, that you will feel COMPELLED to continue for as long as it takes.

The quality is just absolutely no comparison to a hentai-brand dating-sim, where you just click through the horrible dialogue until the game is over. In fact, despite the overwhelming flaw with dating-sims as a whole, this is a pretty damn good game.

Unlike other dating-sims, the characters are actually interesting. The women don't just throw themselves at you the second you compliment them.

There are five potential mates for your manly self, and if you devote enough energy into courting one of them, you will fall in love and get to see that girl's ending of the game.

In addition, you'll also unlock that girl's various costumes so you can dress her up to gaze at for whatever reason you would like. The prince is starting to come of age so that he might become a fully-fledged vampire, but in order to complete his training, his father makes him spend three years on Earth disguised as a human.

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