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Getting to know a lady better, in a more personalized setting, can be advantageous in helping to establish a special rapport with the lady; a rapport that is difficult to establish elsewhere and at a distance.

A lady can see by a man's very presence that he is sincere in his intentions and serious about finding the love of his life.

Romance Tours are finely crafted and well-planned undertakings that HEAVENLY HEARTS takes very seriously.

All elements need to be blueprinted and all possible contingencies catered for so that the client can use all available resources - especially time - to best advantage. to undertake a trip to the homeland of a number of ladies in order to meet and get to know them personally.

About myself: responsible, kind and faithful, but sometimes I am quick-tempered and stubborn (headstrong).

I believe a loving relationship is built on true love, honesty, sincerity, commitment, respect, passion and romance.

HEAVENLY HEARTS undertakes their Romance Tours in such a way that a man is assisted in finding his lady love.

HEAVENLY HEARTS provides on-going support and consultation so that the client maintains successful and well-directed momentum aimed achieving success with a lady.

The HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour Service Structure encompasses the main basic Support Services that male clients will need in relation to visiting a country in Eastern Europe e.g. These basic services include: There is no standardized Romance Tour format due to the fact that all HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tours are professionally crafted to suit the wants and needs of an individual client.

Ladies from Eastern Europe are amongst the loveliest and best in the world!

HEAVENLY HEARTS can provide clients with an opportunity to meet one or more of these lovely ladies face-to-face in their own city and in their own country.

HEAVENLY HEARTS is here to help our clients, so whatever your interests and needs may be; HEAVENLY HEARTS can liaise with you and organize your Romance Tour so that it meets your specific requirements and preferences.

A HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour will meet your personal needs because all HH Romance Tours are completely personalized, individualized and designed with the specific Romance Tour client in mind.

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