Dating and confused

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I thought it might be better to call her this time to iron out this weekend's plans. Since you are new to dating I'm going to give you the run down on how/why I do things when I first meet a woman that I am interested in. Only use the phone or texting to set dates when you are first starting the relationship.

Me thinks you are way to bothered by all this after a couple of dates. If you're not talking (over phone or in person) more than you're texting, let it go. You simply won't get to know a person half as decently as if you talk with them, preferably face-to-face.I graft real hard for the people I care about and I will not be reduced down by a man, , to the ability of my ovaries. I did not choose this life, even if I had an option it wouldn’t be to pop out 15 kids. But I felt less of a woman for a split second because I wasn’t able to do one of the most primitive of things, reproduce. There is more to me than that; there is more to YOU than that. But I have so much more to offer that was completely overlooked by him, I have been told I am generous, funny, helpful and caring and that I do my best to make things special for people.

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