Dating dollard des ormeaux

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The Battle of Long Sault and Dollard des Ormeaux made an initial although limited appearance in François-Xavier Garneau's written in 1845.Subsequently, the event was given increasing prominence in historical writings, especially those produced by members of the clergy.In those days, such a powerful force of Iroquois was entirely unexpected, and so the death of the Frenchmen and their allies was immediately interpreted by civil and religious authorities as a sacrifice that had saved the colony from being invaded. However, even though this episode caused a momentary stir, historical accounts gathered from 1660 to 1700 show that it had already been forgotten within a generation.The first French-Canadian historians dug accounts of this event out of the archives during the 1840s.

The initial objective of Dollard's troop was to ambush small, isolated groups of Iroquois as they returned from their winter hunting grounds.

As penned in 1865 by the Sulpician Étienne-Michel Faillon, the account of Dollard's exploits took on legendary proportions.

They may be briefly set forth in the following manner: Having gotten wind of the Iroquois' intention to wipe out the French colony through a sudden invasion, Dollard and his 16 comrades sallied forth to meet them so as to hold them at Long Sault and to terrorize them by fighting valiantly until the bitter end.

By a stroke of bad luck, they found themselves confronted by a much larger group that had been sent to attack New France.

Dollard and his companions took refuge behind a tiny, abandoned Algonquin stockade and, after a bloody siege, were overwhelmed by their enemies who then returned to their villages with their prisoners.

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