Who is brent bolthouse dating be dating magazine

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Since her lover never discussed his marriage, Lawton became convinced that it would soon be over and that she was the only one he cared for.Their relationship settled into a routine: meet at the CVS, follow him to the house, make love.His office is in a nearby building, and across the street from it is the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, where he often had breakfast with his wife, before his double life made headlines, and where, in 2006, Lawton came into his orbit.“I was a 34B then,” she says, indicating that she’s put on a few pounds since.She’s still svelte and shapely, a sweet, ivory-skinned young woman with long black hair falling in ringlets over her shoulders.He grabbed her near a golf cart, quickly took her clothes off, and lifted her up against a wall. As their affair progressed she came to know his house well, after having had sex in half a dozen different locations—but never in the master bedroom.His wife was often away, she learned, and she didn’t see a single picture of the couple together.

Emma Stone Michelle Williams Sofia Vergara Lea Michele after the Players Ball.

This is not the first time Lauren and Brent have been spotted together.

A romance rumor involving the two surfaced awhile back, but given Brent Bolthouse's chosen profession, it's obvious how they are acquainted and likely they are friends. But the burgeoning friendship between Lauren Conrad and nightlife impresario Brent Bolthouse is enough to raise eyebrows.

Especially now being pregnant, he didn't have to try too hard.

‘s Julia Jones, Sum 41′s Deryck Whibley, and party producer Brent Bolthouse.

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